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Rates & Insurance:

Local Rates Are Competitive

We are confident that you will feel that our hourly rate is fair - with Climer Moving, you will be getting a dedicated, experienced, hard working hours worth of work from our team. The rate per hour is important. It is more important that you have a team of workers that work hard for you. It doesn't matter if another company charges less per hour, it is how much work is done in that hour.

Senior Citizens Discount


The insurance that is offered to our customer is what is required by Georgia Public Service Commission. Please check with your homeowners insurance to see what insurance you already might have.


We will gladly accept your personal check for a local move. If you prefer cash, this will also be accepted. Sorry we do not take credit cards.


Please call (770) 932-1130. After 38 years of business, it would be expected to have a lengthy list of referred customers. We feel it would be move reliable to you to talk to the last few customers we have moved. Therefore, eliminating picking and choosing.