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Moving Tips
Moving Tip
  1. DRESSER DRAWERS: you may leave clothing in the drawers. Remove all small items, i.e. Jewelry, personal items, paper clips, pens, family pictures, T.V. Remotes, etc.
  2. DESKS: remove all items from drawers.
  3. FILE CABINETS: you may leave files in the file cabinet, except those files in the desk drawers, they must be removed. Lateral files need to have the files removed, due to possible warping of the cabinet.
  4. END TABLES, COFFEE TABLES WITH DRAWERS: remove all contents.
  5. REFRIGERATOR: remove all food
  6. FREEZER: place frozen food in plastic trash bags and replace in the freezer.
  7. ENTERTAINMENT CENTER: remove all electronics, pack CDs, etc from drawers.
  8. CHINA CABINETS: remove all dishes, including items from drawers.
  9. All boxes must be taped shut. White legal boxes or any boxes with loose lids need a strip of tape around the middle of the box.
  10. Glass lamps will need to be boxed, wood or metal bases are no problem. All lampshades need to be boxed.
  11. Movers will disassemble beds and remove mirrors from dressers.
  12. All gas from gasoline powered items, needs to have the gas removed.
  13. Limited items will be removed from unfinished basements or garages.
  14. Labeling your boxes or items with a small piece of masking tape, and a name over the door would help.